Osteopath Testimonials

"I have had lower back problems for quite some time and attributed them to an active lifestyle and age. Within minutes Tim had pinpointed my problems and was able to explain it and put me in the right direction.

A must for all sports persons, especially Martial Artists, this guy really knows his stuff!

Highly Recommended."

Paul Cline The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice May 7, 2014

"Dear Tim,

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for relieving me from the horrendous pain I had on my lower back, which was a disc and sciatica problem. The first day I visited your practice I could not stand up straight due to the pain in my lower back. And I immediately felt a relief when I walked out the same day. And after 10 sessions I am able to fly back home and resume my business and my travels.
Once again thank you for the concern and care you applied during my treatment.
Kind Regards,"

Wedad Sojka The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice October 14, 2013

"When I first saw Tim I had a lot of old dance injuries and because of this some difficulties in my yoga practice. After a session I could instantly feel a difference in my body and also left with a lot of advice to help with my practice.
Tim embodies incredible knowledge, technique and creativity in his sessions combined with intuitive sensitivity, strength and skill.
I completely trust his methodology and always look forward to the gift of his healing touch."

Susanne Ollson The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice October 14, 2013

"Tim is not just a highly gifted osteopath he's a crucial member of the yoga community. He skilfully analyses the body in movement and works with a clear understanding of developmental patterning. This gives his work an edge that I haven't experienced with other osteopaths. Not only do I refer students to Tim, but through our dialogues I get to understand my students bodies better and gain valuable insights into the moving body. He helps me be a better teacher!"

Kate Ellis The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice October 15, 2013