Osteopath Testimonials

"When I first saw Tim I had a lot of old dance injuries and because of this some difficulties in my yoga practice. After a session I could instantly feel a difference in my body and also left with a lot of advice to help with my practice.
Tim embodies incredible knowledge, technique and creativity in his sessions combined with intuitive sensitivity, strength and skill.
I completely trust his methodology and always look forward to the gift of his healing touch."

Susanne Ollson The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice October 14, 2013

"Tim is not just a highly gifted osteopath he's a crucial member of the yoga community. He skilfully analyses the body in movement and works with a clear understanding of developmental patterning. This gives his work an edge that I haven't experienced with other osteopaths. Not only do I refer students to Tim, but through our dialogues I get to understand my students bodies better and gain valuable insights into the moving body. He helps me be a better teacher!"

Kate Ellis The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice October 15, 2013

"Shihan Tim has trained with me for more than 25 years and during that time I have seen him develop into a very open minded therapist that is not scared to break away from the restrictive confines that conventional osteopathy tends to follow. He is a true healer in the purest sense whose knowledge and experience sets him above most practitioners that can be found anywhere in the world today."

Bernard Creton The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice December 18, 2013

"Tim Goullet is an incredible osteopath/bodyworker - one of the best I have ever come across! I have recommended him to so many people and the results and feedback are always the same - exceptional, my body is pain free again! Hurrah for Mr Goullet's work in this world!"

Katy Appleton The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice October 15, 2013