Osteopath Testimonials

"I have had lower back problems for quite some time and attributed them to an active lifestyle and age. Within minutes Tim had pinpointed my problems and was able to explain it and put me in the right direction.

A must for all sports persons, especially Martial Artists, this guy really knows his stuff!

Highly Recommended."

The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice May 7, 2014

"Tim Goullet is an incredible osteopath/bodyworker - one of the best I have ever come across! I have recommended him to so many people and the results and feedback are always the same - exceptional, my body is pain free again! Hurrah for Mr Goullet's work in this world!"

The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice October 15, 2013

"I would highly recommend osteopathy with Tim. I suffered a severely sprained ankle and fractured metatarsal back in early 2013, and although physiotherapy initially helped me get basic movement back again, my progress quickly plateaued. This was really frustrating and disheartening. I then started working with Tim. His individualised, holistic approach made such a difference, and I quickly  began to see sustained change. I'm so very pleased to say that I'm now back doing the things I love, such as yoga and running. Thank you Tim!!"

The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice November 5, 2013

"Lauranne has been seeing our son John since he was a very unsettled and unhappy 3 weeks old baby. The difference in John since the first session has been incredible. After the first visit, he didn’t have anymore reflux and his wind improved greatly. He is a very different baby and we are so greatful that we had Lauranne to help us."

Jane Murphy Mother The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice May 22, 2014