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Our contemporary lifestyle can create many problems in our bodies such as stiffness, inflammation and pain which can ultimately affect our health and quality of life. Osteopathy works by restoring mobility and harmony to the body so that we can move, feel and look better. Osteopathic treatment involves a variety of hands on techniques such as massage, acupressure, rhythmic articulations, and joint adjustments.

These techniques are done with sensitivity and precision, taking into account the severity of the condition plus the patient’s individual body type and overall health.

At The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice we approach the body as a whole organism, with treatment directed not only towards the spine, but also to the limbs, abdominal/pelvic regions, face and cranium depending upon the conditions being treated.

Osteopathy treatment acts as a catalyst, augmenting the natural power of the body to heal itself , given the right conditions. Advice on lifestyle and diet is usually incorporated within our holistic approach to health and well being.

Once a problem has been resolved, a regular program of maintenance is recommended, much like servicing a car.

The Science of Osteopathy

The nervous system is the ultimate multi-tasker, performing myriad functions at unimaginable speeds. Even more remarkably, this is achieved with no conscious effort on our part by the Autonomic nervous system, regulating important functions like circulation, body temperature and the activity of internal organs.

The spinal nerves sprout from the spinal cord like branches from a tree to give life to all the tissues of the body, right down to our fingers and toes.

Osteopathy DiagramIf this flow of nerve energy (conduction) is altered by misalignments of the vertebral column, the effects on our health can be extremely powerful. The analogy of a fuse box is a good one – we can’t get better just by having the light bulb changed when the source of a problem is more central (i.e. spinal).

When spinal joints become stiff or injured, they can impede the spinal nerves on their journey towards the various tissues of the body. This can cause acute pain and muscle spasms in the short term, but when the situation becomes chronic it can have repercussions on our circulation, skin, internal organs and ultimately, our health.

The original raison d’être of osteopathy as envisioned by it’s founder, A.T.Still, was in fact to cure disease by attending to the spine and its network of nerves – in other words, the benefits were believed to be as much physiological (“internal”) as they were physical (“external”). Most people nowadays seek the help of osteopathy for physical problems like back pain, although it is not uncommon for seemingly unrelated issues such as bowel or period problems to also improve with treatment.


Health Insurance

Our services are covered by most insurance companies although some may require you to obtain a referral letter from a GP.

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