Osteopathy & You as an Individual

Osteopath Philosophy

Osteopathic Philosophy

At The Chelsea Osteopathic Practice we recognize every patient as an individual case with their own unique combination of physical, physiological and psychological traits.

Our philosophy takes an holistic approach to healthcare, appreciating the interdependence of these factors from an Osteopathic viewpoint.


Variations in physiques are part of the human species and are responsible for our own idiosyncratic postural pattern and even the way we walk or run.

Through an understanding of these variations and how to approach them, our osteopaths are able to develop a bespoke program of treatment specifically for each individual that not only helps improve symptoms short term, but establishes a solid foundation of structural integrity for the future.


Blood pressure, metabolism, digestion, sleeping patterns, and energy levels vary widely amongst individuals and can all be influenced through the lifestyle changes we make. Osteopathic treatment can also improve these important bodily functions by influencing the autonomic nervous system via the spinal and cranial nerves.

The scope of osteopathic treatment can be very profound having wide ranging beneficial effects not just with helping back pain (physical) but can also improve digestion and bowel function (physiological) and even mood/state of mind (psychological).


Stress levels and how we deal with them have an enormous impact on our lives.

In our modern society, increasing numbers of people have become reliant on psychoactive drugs to deal with stress. However, there are alternatives, such as dietary modification and regular exercise which can improve the way the body deals with stress.

Osteopathic treatment can also support the body and brain to deal with stress more effectively and naturally by improving metabolism, circulation and organ health. The healthier the body, the more resilient it is to stress of all kinds – emotional, mental, physical and environmental. No one is immune to these sources of stress, but some people just handle it better than others.

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A healthy body is fundamental  in providing us with the optimal functioning we take for granted – our immune system with strength to fight infection, our endocrine system to empower us with good energy levels, our digestive system to absorb nutrients and eliminate harmful substances, our circulation to transport gases/electrolytes/hormones and the kidneys to maintain blood pressure and pH balance – all incredibly  coordinated  by the nervous system.

Our moods can fluctuate, that’s part of being human, but our state  of mind is an going dynamic which is closely linked with our biochemical profile. Optimal functioning of our organs and endocrine glands is partly responsible for this biochemical balance and can be nurtured and encouraged by osteopathic treatment. Just as structural imbalance can lead, in time, to physiological imbalance and changes in our state of mind, so too can structural balance and integration lay the foundation for homeostasis and  health in both body and mind.

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Our services are covered by most insurance companies although some may require you to obtain a referral letter from a GP.

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