“MOVING FROM THE PELVIS” A workshop with Osteopath TIM GOULLET

When – Saturday 26th August 2-5pm 

Where – Camden Triyoga Studio

 Who – Yoga and Pilates practitioners/teachers, exercise professionals, therapists.

This 3 hour workshop, part lecture but mainly practical, offers a scientific methodology for  forward and backward bending. Correct technique means less injuries and better physical effects on your body. Applying the knowledge from osteopathy and spinal biomechanics in this workshop can dramatically enhance how your body moves and feels. The way we move ultimately determines our structural appearance – our posture and shape.

Backward bending and forward bending can be beneficial or harmful depending on the technique with which it is performed.  Understanding the difference is essential for a healthy, injury free physique and for longevity – practising your preferred exercise method for the rest of your life.

Many individuals give up sport or exercise because of stubborn injuries and pain. This is not necessarily an “age thing”, in fact it is more likely due to a recurring “weakness” which has not been properly addressed. This can happen at almost any age. The tragedy is, in many cases this could be avoided if fundamental concepts about how to use your body efficiently and safely were understood. Sadly, many exercise professionals do not have sufficient knowledge and understanding of these concepts to pass on to their clients.

Many yoga practitioners for example, develop excessive flexibility (hyper mobility) whether they were already “born that way” or not. This happens due to excessive amounts of pushing harder in the wrong way – kinking vulnerable joints to go “deeper” rather than using muscular strength as the safe limiter of range of motion. This will be elaborated upon in the workshop.

In addition you will learn how to –

  • Prevent injuries to the lower back.
  • Develop abdominal strength and tone that is actually useable and helpful to protect the spine – its not all about “the core” and endless reps of abominable exercise lying on your back! So boring…
  • Develop back muscle strength to support your spine
  • Rehabilitate spinal injuries – no fancy equipment required..Just a body and a brain!
  • Manage hyper mobility – it’s so simple.
  • Understand the simple components of “good” posture – this is poorly understood.

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Tim Goullet has practiced and taught osteopathy for over 20 years.

Before studying to become an osteopath, Tim’s first degree was in sports science which led him into his first career as a fitness instructor. This time was extremely influential in building a solid understanding of exercise technique.

Tim has also developed his understanding of exercise and movement through his experiences with karate for 30 years and yoga for 15 years.

In 2005 Tim co-authored the book “Healing Yoga’ with Liz Lark.

Tim has worked with triyoga for some 10 years as an osteopath and also runs workshops on biomechanics,  yoga and exercise.